External Wall Insulation

In the UK, buildings account for 40% of our energy consumption, in houses up to 45% of this energy is lost through the solid walls of the property. Insulating solid walled homes has usually been considered expensive and difficult to do, but now D.S. Poole Ltd offers an affordable solution.

External Wall Insulation acts as a shell, protecting your property from the weather and helping to retain the warmth on the inside. In warmer months, it can also help keep a cooler internal environment.  Additionally to all this, it saves energy, reduces fuel bills and also helps towards the reduction in carbon emissions, associated with the dwelling.

External Wall Insulation, (EWI) is part of the changing face of building methods within the UK, with the ability to not only deliver a thermally efficient, carbon saving exterior, but also to visually improve buildings and at the same time extend the life and value of the building itself.

Rock Mineral Wool Insulation

D.S.Poole Ltd’s Rock Mineral Wool System features a strong, rock mineral wool slab with a specially created water repellent additive.

Rock mineral wool has an extremely compressive strength, double that of some other External Wall Insulation slabs, making this a robust and durable system with high impact strength, which is less prone to damage.

The breathable nature of rock mineral wool is ideal for existing solid walls.

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS) is an effective solution for thermal upgrading and it’s lightweight design makes it perfect for easy handling and speedy application.

Additionally, the EPS board is suitable for Secondary Thermal Upgrading (STU). STU refers to existing properties that already have some form of EWI system in place and require extra thermal upgrading.

The outstanding efficiency of EPS allow for reduced thicknesses, whilst still maintaining the thermal performance levels required.